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50% Off Ebooks Through May 2020

May 5, 2020

Take 50% Off these Ebooks through May 31, 2020

Offer valid only through this website. The discount will not be automatically applied. Enter promo code E50 at checkout to obtain the discount.

 A Deadly Wind: The 1962 Columbus Day Storm by John Dodge; paperback $19.95 /ebook $11.99 $5.99

A Generous Nature: Lives Transformed by Oregon by Marcy Cottrell Houle; paperback $22.95 / ebook $11.99 $5.99

Accidental Gravity: Residents, Travelers, and the Landscape of Memory by Bernard Quetchenbach; paperback $22.95 / ebook $11.99 $5.99

All Coyote's Children by Bette Lynch Husted; paperback $18.95 / ePub $11.99 $5.99

Among Penguins: A Bird Man in Antarctica by Noah Strycker; paperback $19.95 /ebook $11.99 $5.99

Beginner's Luck: Dispatches from the Klamath Mountains by Malcolm Terence; paperback $19.95 /ebook $11.99 $5.99

Black Woman in Green: Gloria Brown and the Unmarked Trail to Forest Service Leadership by Gloria D. Brown, Donna L. Sinclair; paperback $19.95 /ebook $11.99 $5.99

Boundary Layer: Exploring the Genius Between Worlds by Kem Luther; paperback $19.95 /ebook $11.99 $5.99

The Brightwood Stillness by Mark Pomeroy; paperback $18.95 /ebook $11.99 $5.99

Building a Better Nest: Living Lightly at Home and in the World by Evelyn Searle Hess; paperback $18.95 /ebook $11.99 $5.99 

Catch and Release: An Oregon Life in Politics by Les AuCoin; paperback $24.95 /ebook $11.99 $5.99

Children and Other Wild Animals: Notes on badgers, otters, sons, hawks, daughters, dogs, bears, air, bobcats, fishers, mascots, Charles Darwin, newts, sturgeon, roasting squirrels, parrots, elk, foxes, tigers and various other zoological matters by Brian Doyle; paperback $18.95 /ebook $11.99 $5.99

For the Love of Rivers: A Scientist's Journey by Kurt D. Fausch; paperback $18.95 /ebook $11.99 $5.99

Gathering Moss: A Natural and Cultural History of Mosses by Robin Wall Kimmerer; paperback $18.95 /ebook $11.99 $5.99

Holy Moli: Albatross and Other Ancestors by Hob Osterlund; paperback $18.95 /ebook $11.99 $5.99 


Marie Equi: Radical Politics and Outlaw Passions by Michael Helquist; paperback $24.95 /ebook $11.99 $5.99

Massacred for Gold: The Chinese in Hells Canyon by R. Gregory Nokes; paperback $18.95 /ebook $11.99 $5.99

Mink River by Brian Doyle; paperback $18.95 /ebook $11.99 $5.99

Naked in the Woods: My Unexpected Years in a Hippie Commune by Margaret Grundstein; paperback $18.95 /ebook $11.99 $5.99

On the Ragged Edge of Medicine: Doctoring Among the Dispossessed by Patricia Kullberg; paperback $18.95 /ebook $11.99 $5.99

Remote: Finding Home in the Bitterroots by DJ Lee; paperback $19.95 /ebook $11.99 $5.99

Reporting the Oregon Story: How Activists and Visionaries Transformed a State by Floyd J. McKay; paperback $21.95 /ebook $11.99 $5.99

Through a Green Lens: Fifty Years of Writing for Nature by Robert Michael Pyle; paperback $22.95 /ebook $11.99 $5.99

Toward a Natural Forest: The Forest Service in Transition (A Memoir) by Jim Furnish; paperback $19.95 /ebook $11.99 $5.99

Voodoo Vintners: Oregon's Astonishing Biodynamic Wine Growers by Katherine Cole; paperback $18.95 /ebook $11.99 $5.99

Wet Engine: Exploring the Mad Wild Miracle of the Heart by Brian Doyle; paperback $17.95 /ebook $11.99 $5.99

Where the Wind Dreams of Staying: Searching for Purpose and Place in the West by Eric Dieterle; paperback $18.95 /ebook $11.99 $5.99

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