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Reading: going global

March 5, 2015



Happy World Book Day! Yes, it’s a thing and yes, it’s definitely worth celebrating. Books ignite passion across the globe, serving as catalysts for the spread of information and ideas. From the first cuneiform tablets to modern digital readers, the written word has proved to be an invaluable tool.


And it’s precisely that utility for creativity that World Book Day aims to celebrate. According to the event website, World Book Day is a “worldwide celebration of books and reading,” created to “encourage children to explore the pleasures of books and reading by providing them with the opportunity to have a book of their own.” With the help of dozens of publishers and booksellers, more than 14 million children will receive free book vouchers redeemable at participating stores.


Helping children discover the joys of reading? That sounds like a pretty excellent reason for us to get on board! So, in honor of World Book Day, here are ten reasons you should pick up a text of the tangible variety today:


1.     To rediscover the wonders of reading yourself! When was the last time you opened a cover just for fun? There’s a reason we fall in love with books at a young age.

2.     To share with a friend. Remember that favorite title of yours you keep meaning to lend out? Time to share the wit of your favorite author and wisdom of your marginalia.

3.     To learn something new. You don’t have to be enrolled in a class to cram your brain with knowledge!

4.     To escape. Let’s go to the Caribbean. Or eighteenth-century London. Or the highest campsite in the Himalayas. It’s easy to discover new adventures within the pages of a book.

5.     To bond. Yes, it sounds cheesy, but remember all those nights your parents read to you? Finding someone to read aloud with can be a powerful experience.  Cuddle up with your kiddo or pay mom a visit to return the favor.

6.     To teach. Use an instructional or academic book to share something you’re passionate about with others.

7.     To challenge yourself. We can’t grow if we always ingest information that aligns with our current beliefs; try exploring an opposing viewpoint to place yourself in someone else’s shoes for a change.

8.    To find inspiration. Discover a new muse! 

9.     To take a moment for yourself. Reading offers a great opportunity to pause the chaos that is life and regroup. Turn a page, find some serenity.

10.  To feel. Books have the unique ability to make readers run the gamut of emotions. Life can be more fulfilling when you allow yourself to embrace both the good and bad.


Need a place to start exploring? Start here on our website to discover educational and exciting titles you’ll want to keep around.

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