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Reflecting on Rivers, Part One

April 12, 2019

Here at the 
OSU Press office in Corvallis, we’ve been watching the high flows on the Willamette this week and rivers are on our mind. Today we’re featuring three recent Press books that tell the story of rivers, in Oregon and around the world.



Speaking for the River book cover

Speaking for the River: Confronting Pollution on the Willamette, 1920s-1970s

Though the state of Oregon has a reputation for being green, one of its major rivers, the Willamette, has struggled with pollution throughout history and in the present day. James Hillegas-Elting looks to the past to explain the present, examining the complex political and technological issues that challenge this Or

egon river, and the communities and ecosystems that live alongside it. A must read for Oregonians and all interested in the health and protection of rivers.




book cover

Wild and Scenic Rivers: An American Legacy

Author and photographer Tim Palmer shares 160 breathtaking images of rivers in this book. All the rivers depicted are protected under the National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 1968. In addition to highlighting their beauty, Tim investigates the importance of these rivers and the challenges they face. Also, several of the photographs from this book were recently made into postage stamps! Read more about this story and hear from Tim on the importance of these rivers in this blog post.



Same River Twice book coverSame River Twice: The Politics of Dam Removal and River Restoration

Using case studies from rivers in the Pacific Northwest, Peter Brewitt explores how dam removals, politics, and public policy intersect. This book is perfect for scholars of environmental politics, wildlife and public land professionals, and environmental activists.


Peter Brewitt will guest blog and focus on dam removals.


Stay tuned for Reflecting on Rivers, Part Two.

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