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Springing forward

January 8, 2015

We may be in the heart of a chilly Oregon winter, but the Press team is already prepping for spring. January gave us the new year—and our beautiful Spring 2015 catalog! It’s news that’s too exciting to keep to ourselves, so browse below to enjoy a sneak peek of several new titles from OSU Press.




At the Hearth of the Crossed Races HearthofCrossedRaces

Melinda Marie Jette

June 2015


Join Melinda Jette on a fascinating historical journey as she delves into one of the earliest sites of extensive intercultural contact in the Pacific Northwest. The community of French Prairie, located in the fruitful Willamette Valley, served as the destination of choice for many Anglo-Americans who traveled the Oregon Trail. Their arrival uprooted the hearth of “crossed races” where French-Indian and indigenous families had peacefully co-existed for decades. At the Hearth of the Crossed Races provides a window into the oft-ignored multi-racial history of the Pacific Northwest and offers an alternative vision of early Oregon via a community that dared to challenge notions of white supremacy, racial separation, and social exclusion.



Money Trees MoneyTrees

Emily K. Brock

April 2015


Money Trees offers readers a nuanced vision of forestry’s history and its past relationship to both wilderness activism and scientific ecology. Emily Brock begins by exploring early twentieth century environmental changes in the Douglas fir forests of the Pacific Northwest, eventually covering the subsequent national challenges and policies that shaped forest management for decades to come. From land management gurus to amateur environmentalists, Money Trees offers anyone interested in natural resources a fresh perspective on forestry.



Honey in the Horn HoneyintheHorn

H.L. Davis with introduction by Richard W. Etulain

June 2015


Originally published in 1935, Honey in the Horn has become something of a state treasure. Full of humor and humanity, H.L. Davis’s novel transcends the limitations of its time through the sheer power and beauty of his haunting prose. Set in Oregon in the early years of the twentieth century, Honey in the Horn chronicles the struggles of homesteading in a poignant and very real manner, bringing the spirit of Oregon alive without romanticizing the lives of her early settlers.



For the Love of Rivers FortheLoveofRivers

Kurt D. Fausch

February 2015


What lies beneath the shimmering beauty of rivers? Stream ecologist Kurt Fausch helps his readers find an answer via his own research, as well as the breakthrough work of river ecologist Shigeru Nakano. More than simply a book about stream ecology, For the Love of Rivers celebrates the interconnectedness of life, exploring the human fascination with rivers and what we can do now to ensure preservation of their natural power and image.



A Man for All Seasons ManforAllSeasons

William G. Robbins

June 2015


Historian William Robbins illuminates the wrenching transformation of American political culture during the twentieth century by looking at the life of prominent Oregon political leader Monroe Sweetland. Racial and economic inequalities motivated much of Sweetland’s civic life, propelling him into the national spotlight and earning him a secure spot in regional memory for generations to come. From the Bilingual Education Act of 1968 to the 26th Amendment, Sweetland fought for important legislation that would later shape the entire political landscape of America.




Liked what you saw? Make sure to check back in with us as your favorite book nears its publication date. Visit the blog again in coming weeks to catch tantalizing glimpses of even more new titles! If you'd like a hard copy of our Spring 2015 catalog, please send us an email.

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