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Trivial matters

January 22, 2015

It’s trivia time! Put on your thinking cap and find a comfortable seat; the OSU Press is a fascinating place to work and we want to share some of the fun. Keep scrolling to test your knowledge about the Press, its authors, and some of its most popular titles. Here’s a hint: browsing the website and our catalog may be a shrewd quiz-taking tactic.


Think you have what it takes to be an OSU Press Whiz Kid? Let’s find out! Answers to all questions can be found at the bottom of the page.




1.    When was Oregon State University Press founded?

a.      1970

b.     1961

c.      1954

d.     1943


2.    How many books has OSU Press published?

a.      About 400

b.     About 300

c.      About 500

d.     About 700


3.    One of our first titles, Weather of Oregon, initially retailed at what price?

a.      $1.50

b.     $0.75

c.      $1.25

d.     $2.25


4.    How many catalog editions does the Press publish each year?

a.      3

b.     4

c.      1

d.     2


5.    Which author had a book published by OSU Press in 2014?

a.      Aimee Lyn Eaton, Collared

b.     Judith L. Li, Ellie’s Log

c.      Tim Palmer, Field Guide to Oregon Rivers

d.     Steve McQuiddy, Here on the Edge


6.    OSU Press belongs to which national organization?

a.      United Press Association

b.     Association of American University Presses

c.      University Press Association

d.     United National Press Organization


7.    Which OSU Press book features a bird on its cover?

a.      Mink River by Brian Doyle

b.     Morning Light by Barbara Drake

c.      To the Woods by Evelyn Searle Hess

d.     Nature’s Justice, edited by James M. O’Fallon


8.    Which republished work is the only Oregon book to have ever won a Pulitzer Prize for fiction? (Hint: it’s on our Spring 2015 list!)

a.      The Prairie Keepers by Marcy Houle

b.     Illahe by Kay Atwood

c.      A Man for All Seasons by William G. Robbins

d.     Honey in the Horn by H.L. Davis


9.    How many university presses exist in the state of Oregon?

a.      1

b.     2

c.      3

d.     4


10. How many titles are slated for publication by OSU Press this Spring 2015 season?

a.      10

b.     6

c.      12

d.     8






1.    B. 1961.  The OSU Press was founded the same year Oregon State University adopted its current name.


2.    A. About 400.  That’s a lot of books to put on your reading list!


3.    B. $0.75.  That would buy you…half a stick of gum today?


4.    D. 2.  The Press prints two different catalogs each year, one for each the fall and spring seasons. Our catalogs are available both online and in hard copies upon request.


5.    C. Tim Palmer.  His book, Field Guide to Oregon Rivers, is a popular, colorful work that explores 120 different waterways throughout the state. You can take a look at it here.


6.    B. Association of American University Presses.  The AAUP contains 136 members with representatives in 12 countries.


7.    A. Mink River by Brian Doyle.  One of the Press’s few novels and a favorite among readers, the book follows the adventures and misadventures of residents of a tiny coastal town in Oregon. Read more here.


8.    D. Honey in the Horn by H.L. Davis.  You can read the Oregon classic, as well as a new introduction by Richard W. Etulain, when it prints this June!


9.    A. 1.  Yay for being unique!


10. C. 12.  We have a packed front list coming this spring, covering topics from forestry to philanthropy. You can view our Spring 2015 catalog here.


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