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Susan Tweit, Sanctuary

Bruce Berger, Under the Cypress

Carolyn Kremers, Shishmaref

Ken Lamberton, Raptors and Flycatchers

Barbara Drake, Wild Apples

David Petersen, A Wild and Fierce Freedom

Natasha Ma (pseudonym), Saving Tibet

Franklin Burroughs, Of Moose and a Moose Hunter

Marybeth Holleman, Heating with Wood

Jeff Ripple, The Sweet Smell of Pines at Dawn

Susan Marsh, Circle of Twine

John Noland, The Way of a River

Gretchen Legler, All the Powerful Invisible Things

Glen Vanstrum, Beyond City Limits

Kathryn Wilder, Looking Up

Peter A. Christian, Grabbing the Bull by the Antlers

Louise Wagenknecht, White Poplar, Black Locust

John A. Murray, Autumn of Falling Leaves

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