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Trudy Dittmar, Moose

Jan DeBlieu, Mapping the Sacred Places

Cynthia Huntington, Tempest and Staying In

Emma Brown, High Country

Susan Zwinger, Coming of Age in the Grand Canyon

Alianor True, Chorus

Adrienne Ross, The Queen and I

Janisse Ray, The Faith of Deer

Geneen Marie Haugen, The Illusionary Distance Between Pacifist and Warrior

Pattiann Rogers, Surprised by the Sacred

Lisa Couturier, A Banishment of Crows

Kristen Vose Michaelides, Moving Water

Susan Marsh, Grizzley Bear

Carol Ann Bassett, White Water, Dark Future

Ellen Meloy, A Map for Hummingbirds

Kate Boyes, Out in the Desert: Four Views of a Western Town

Penny Harter, Selected Poems

Marybeth Holleman, In the Name of Restoration

Kathryn Wilder, The Grace of Geese

John A. Murray, Witness

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