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Philip Heldrich, Out Here in the Out There

Carol Ann Bassett, Mount Mazama: The Realm of Becoming

Bill Sherwonit, Anchorage's Hillside; Living with Wildness

Elaine Grings, June Prairie

Larry Glass, Flintstone

Mary Hussmann, Out There

Glenn Vanstrum, Oceans Mexico

Penny Harter, Four Poems

Peter Friederici, May: Clay

Carol Kosarek, A Walk with Misha

David Petersen, The Wapiti's Message

Eva Saulitis, Leaving Resurrection Bay

Thomas Lowe Fleischner, Three Songs from Slickrock

Emma Brown, Climbing Fremont

Joann Verica, Loss of Breath

Melanie Dylan Fox, Nighthiking

Aliette K. Frank, Into the Impenetrable

Susan Zwinger, Mountain Climbing in the North Cascades

Louise Wagenknecht, A Long Death

Gretchen Dawn Yost, First Burn

John A. Murray, From the Faraway Nearby

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