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Atlas of Oregon

Second Edition

William G. Loy, Stuart Allan, Aileen R. Buckley and James E. Meacham

Published by University of Oregon Press. Distributed by OSU Press.

9-1/2 × 13 inches. Color illustrations and maps. Bibliography. Index. 320 pages.

2001. ISBN 978-0-87114-101-9. Hardcover, $100.00.

This beautiful and authoritative volume offers a detailed look at the history, geography, and people of Oregon. Stunning full-color maps are complemented by informative text exploring everything from the earliest settlers to the growth of Oregon vineyards to Portland's traffic jams.

The Atlas maps a world of information, from native cultures, exploration, politics, religion, and economic growth to landforms, volcanoes, lakes, place names, vegetation, and wildlife habitat. Created by an award-winning team of geographers and cartographers, it is both a work of art and a fascinating reference.


  • More than 700 maps, accompanied by hundreds of charts and diagrams
  • Comprehensive reference maps detailing every square mile of the state
  • Information compiled by more than 100 of Oregon's leading economic, scientific, and political experts
  • Digital cartography by the University of Oregon's Department of Geography and Allan Cartography, makers of what the Wall Street Journal calls "the world's most beautiful maps"

Intended for both leisurely browsing and serious research, the Atlas offers a definitive single-volume source of information about the state for students, teachers, business professionals, and everyone who loves Oregon.

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