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Melville Jacobs: An Introduction to the Man and His Work

Bibliography of Melville Jacobs

Toward a Theory and Method of Oral Literature Research

I. Oral Literature

II. A Few Observations on the World View of the Clackamas Chinook Indians

III. Humor in Clackamas Chinook Oral Literature

IV. Genres in Northwest States Oral Literatures

V. Areal Spread of Indian Oral Genre Features in the Northwest States

Oral Traditional Texts with Interpretations

VI. Badger and Coyote Were Neighbors (Clackamas Chinook)

VII. The Old Man and His Daughter-in-law. Her Fingers Stuck Together (Clackamas Chinook)

VIII. She Deceived Herself With Milt (Clackamas Chinook)

IX. Wildcat (Klikitat Sahaptin)

X. Sun and His Daughter (Klikitat Sahaptin)

XI. Coyote's Journey (Upper Cowlitz Sahaptin)

XII. Mink, Panther, and the Grizzly Sisters (Mary's River Kalapuya)

XIII. The Sagandahs People (Miluk Coos)

XIV. An Historical Event Text from a Galice Athabaskan in Southwestern Oregon (Galice Creek Athabaskan)

Oral Traditional and Ethnographic Texts

XV. Coyote, Eagle, and the Wolves (Upper Cowlitz Sahaptin)

XVI. The Basket Ogress Took the Child (Clackamas Chinook)

XVII. Coyote and Skunk. He Tied His Musk Sac (Clackamas Chinook)

XVIII. A Girls' Game (Clackamas Chinook/Chinook Jargon)

XIX. Ethnographic Texts on Spirit Powers and Shamanism (Santiam Kalapuya)

XX. Some Shakers Find the Body of My Brother's Child (Santiam Kalapuya)

XXI. The Origin of Death (Upper Coquille Athabaskan/Chinook Jargon)

XXII. Small Bird Hawk Had His Head Cut Off (Hanis Coos)

XXIII. The Girl Who Had a Dog Husband (Miluk Coos)

XXIV. The Person that Halloos (Miluk Coos)

XXV. The Young Man Stepped on Snail's Back (Miluk Coos)

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