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Red Alder and the Pacific Northwest
Robert F. Tarrant, David E. Hibbs, and Dean S. DeBell


Biology of Red Alder (Alnus rubra Bong.)
Constance A. Harrington, John C. Zasada, and Eric A. Allen

Root Symbioses of Red Alder: Technological Opportunities for Enhanced Regeneration and Soil Improvement
Randy Molina, David Myrold, and C.Y. Li

Influences of Red Alder on Soils and Long-Term Ecoystem Productivity
B.T. Bormann, K. Cromack, Jr., and W.O. Russell III

Nitrogen Fixation by Red Alder: Biology, Rates, and Controls
Dan Binkley, Kermit Cromack, Jr., and Dwight D. Baker

Physiological Characteristics of Red Alder: Water Relations and Photosynthesis
L.J. Shainsky, B.J. Yoder, T.B. Harrington, and S.S. N. Chan

Genetics of Red Alder and Its Implications for Future Management
Alan A. Ager and Reinhard. F. Stettler

Stand Development and Successional Implications: Pure and Mixed Stands
Michael Newton and Elizabeth C. Cole

Growth Patterns of Red Alder
Dean S. DeBell and Peter A. Giordano

Red Alder: Interactions with Wildlife
William C. McComb

Evaluation of Site Quality for Red Alder
Constance A. Harrington and Paul J. Courtin

Biology, Ecology, and Utilization of Red Alder Seed
Alan Ager, Yasuomi Tanaka, and Jim McGrath

Seedling Quality and Nursery Practices for Red Alder
Glenn R. Ahrens

Red Alder Plantation Establishment
Alexander Dobkowski, Paul F. Figueroa, and Yasuomi Tanaka

Management of Young Red Alder
David E. Hibbs and Dean S. DeBell

Fertilization and Nutrition of Red Alder
M.A. Radwan and D.S. DeBell

Growth and Yield of Red Alder
Klaus J. Puettmann

Wood Quality, Product Yield, and Economic Potential
Marlin E. Plank and Susan Willits

Whose Fat Shadow Nourisheth
David E. Hibbs, Dean S. Debell, and Robert F. Tarrant

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