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Birds of Lane County, Oregon

Alan L. Contreras

5-1/2 × 9-1/4 inches. B&W photographs. Maps. Line drawings. Index. 368 pages.

2006. ISBN 978-0-87071-180-0. Paperback, $20.00.

Birds of Lane County is the essential guide for anyone - backyard birder or serious observer - interested in the birds of western Oregon. Lane County's bird life is rich with variety; over three hundred bird species may be found in the county during the year. Within an hour's drive of Eugene, birders may encounter Black Oystercatchers, Pelagic Cormorants, and Snowy Plovers on the coast or Black-backed Woodpeckers, Northern Goshawks, and Mountain Bluebirds in the Cascades.

With this comprehensive guide, birders at all levels can enjoy this incredible diversity. In Birds of Lane County, editor Alan Contreras and a team of expert contributors

  • describe the one hundred best birding sites in the county, with detailed information on what may be found, and where and when to seek particular birds. All sites are publicly accessible with clear, easy-to-follow directions and maps, and many of the sites are at least partly wheelchair accessible.
  • provide species accounts with basic information about the status, distribution, abundance, and movements of each species known to have occurred in Lane County.
  • offer useful resources for birders including migrant arrival and departure tables, seasonal charts, a gazetteer, contact information for local birding and natural history organizations, and a species checklist.

Generous gifts from the following donors helped make publication of this book possible. The Oregon State University Press is grateful for their support.

Lane County Audubon Society
Margaret Paris
Herbert Wisner

Member of AAUP