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Table of Contents

The Area
   Malheur-Harney Lakes Basin
   Migration Routes
Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

   Double O
   The Lake Region
   Blitzen Valley
Vegetation and Bird Habitat
Bird Finding
   Spring Migration
   Summer Migration
   Autumn Migration
   Winter Season

Species Accounts
   Order: Gaviiformes
      Family: Gaviidae
   Order: Podicipediformes
      Family: Podicipedidae
   Order: Pelecaniformes
      Family: Pelecanidae
      Family: Phalacrocoracidae
   Order: Ciconiiformes
      Family: Ardeidae
      Family: Threskiornithidae
   Order: Anseriformes
      Family: Anatidae
   Order: Falconiformes
      Family: Cathartidae
      Family: Accipitridae
      Family: Falconidae
   Order: Galliformes
      Family: Phasianidae
   Order: Gruiformes
      Family: Gruidae
      Family: Rallidae
   Order: Charadriiformes
      Family: Charadriidae
      Family: Scolopacidae
      Family: Recurvirostridae
      Family: Laridae
   Order: Columbiformes
      Family: Columbidae
   Order: Cuculiformes
      Family: Cuculidae
   Order: Strigiformes
      Family: Tytonidae
      Family: Strigidae
   Order: Caprimulgiformes
      Family: Caprimulgidae
   Order: Apodiformes
      Family: Apodidae
      Family: Trochilidae
   Order: Coraciiformes
      Family: Alcedinidae
   Order: Piciformes
      Family: Picidae
      Family: Tyrannidae
      Family: Alaudidae
      Family: Hirundinidae
      Family: Corvidae
      Family: Paridae
      Family: Aegithalidae
      Family: Sittidae
      Family: Certhiidae
      Family: Cinclidae
      Family: Troglodytidae
      Family: Mimidae
      Family: Muscicapidae
      Family: Motacillidae
      Family: Bombycillidae
      Family: Ptilogonatidae
      Family: Laniidae
      Family: Sturnidae
      Family: Vireonidae
      Family: Emberizidae
      Family: Fringillidae
      Family: Passeridae
Literature Cited
Appenidx: List of Common and Scientific Names of
    Plants, Mammals, Fish and Reptiles
Index of Common Names of Birds

List of Maps
Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and Vicinity
Malheur NWR
Malheur NWR: Units I (Double O) and II (Harney Lake)
Malheur NWR: Unit III (Malheur Lake)
Malheur NWR: Unit IV (Northern Blitzen Valley)
Malheur NWR: Unit V (South Blitzen Valley)
Spring Migration Tour
Autumn Migration Tour

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