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"Meticulous, balanced and thorough, California Condors in the Pacific Northwest is top-level, definitive research written in a clear, understandable way that any reader can enjoy and professionals can rely on. An impeccable tour-de-force on condors from northern California to Canada, it is also science writing at its finest. Whether you are interested in early ornithology of the west, use of birds in Native American culture, or technical aspects of condor life history, this is the book you will open first—and often." —Alan Contreras, co-editor, Birds of Oregon

"Recently I stood at an overlook in the Columbia Gorge, the wind in my face. The clouds chased the sun, the waves sparkled on the Columbia River far below me, and I was struck by the thought of the California condors soaring on the winds again. D'Elia and Haig's careful and thorough research for their book, California Condors in the Pacific Northwest will make the reader think it is possible." -- Barb Kubik, We Proceeded On

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