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Table of Contents

     List of Indians introduced in Volume I

I. Guided Change and the Company
     ONE: The Red River School and the Post-Guided Change and the Company
     TWO: Toward a Stronger, Yet Responsive, Chieftaincy
     THREE: Contested Loyalties in the Fur Wars

II. The Missionary Programs
     FOUR: Founding of the Protestant Missions
     FIVE: >Developing Relationships at Waiilatpu and Lapwai
     SIX: Indian Allies and Opponents at Waiilatpu
     SEVEN: The Confrontation of 1841 and Its Sequels

III. A New Order Emerges
     EIGHT: Freemen and Company Servants
     NINE: Overland Emigrants
     TEN: The Emigrant Road
     ELEVEN: The Overlanders in Indian Eyes
     TWELVE: Company Views of the Overlanders

IV. The Government and the Indians
     THIRTEEN: Elijah White and His "Nez Perce Laws"
     FOURTEEN: The Wallawalla and the Cayuse Adopt the "Laws"
     FIFTEEN: The "Laws" in Action: Piupiumaksmaks and McKinlay
     SIXTEEN: The "Laws" in Action: The Wascos and Cockstock's Revenge
     SEVENTEEN: The "Laws" in Action: Piupiumaksmaks and Sutter

IV. The Government and the Indians
     EIGHTEEN: The Attack on the Waiilatpu Station
     NINETEEN: Edward Teloukaikt and a Village in Flux
     TWENTY: Preparations for a War
     TWENTY-ONE: The March to Waiilatpu
     TWENTY-TWO: The Council of the Peace Commissioners
     TWENTY-THREE: Fruitless Pursuit in the Hills
     TWENTY-FOUR: Governor Lane Ends the War

VI. Administering the Indians
     TWENTY-FIVE: The "Indian Problem" in Western Oregon and Federal Solutions
     TWENTY-SIX: The Indian Scene in the Willamette Valley in the 1850s
     TWENTY-SEVEN: The Utilla Agency
     TWENTY-EIGHT: Indian Agents, Army Officers, and Bourgeois in the Upper Country

VII. Negotiating a Future
     TWENTY-NINE: Governor Stevens Comes West
     THIRTY: Tribes, Legislatures, and Others Make Ready
     THIRTY-ONE: Doty and Thompson Prepare the Way for a Council
     THIRTY-TWO: The Council Covenes
     THIRTY-THREE: Overtures
     THIRTY-FOUR: A Concrete Proposal: Two Reservations
     THIRTY-FIVE: Secret Sessions and a Revised Proposal

VIII. The Beginning of a General War
     THIRTY-SIX: The Council Bears Bellicose Fruit
     THIRTY-SEVEN: The First Stages of the War
     THIRTY-EIGHT: The Yakima and Walla Walla Campaigns


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