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The Tualatin Riverkeepers
Viewing Tips
How to Use This Guide
Map of the Tualatin River Basin

VIEWING AREA 1: Upper Tualatin River
Wapato Lake Flooded Farmlands
Hagg Lake
Gales Creek Campground
Blodgett Arboretum
Rippling Waters Nature Park
Rodgers Park
Fernhill Wetlands
Banks-Vernonia State Trail
Cedar Canyon Marsh/Killin Wetlands
U.J. Hamby Park
Nurse Logs, by Susan Peter
Glencoe Swale
Jackson Bottom Wetland Preserve
The Atfalati, by Shirley Ewart

VIEWING AREA 2: Rock Creek
Rock Creek Nature Preserve/PCC
Emerald Estates Park
Bethany Lake Park
Amberglen Wetland
The Belted Kingfisher, by Brian Wegener
Noble Woods Park
Small Mammals (photo collage)
Century High School Wetlands
Animal Tracks, by Steve Engel
Little Park on Reedville Creek
Hillwood Park
Residents of Hillwood Park (photo collage)
Turner Creek Park
Rood Bridge Road Park

VIEWING AREA 3: Beaverton Creek
Downtown Beaverton Creek Walk
Millikan Way Light Rail Station
Beaverton Creek Wetlands Park
Swallows of the Tualatin, by Brian Wegener
Tualatin Hills Nature Park
Pheasant Park
Whispering Woods Park
Arleda Park
Sutherland Meadows Park

VIEWING AREA 4: Bronson, Willow, & Cedar Mill Creeks
Spyglass Park
Bronson Creek Park
Willow Creek Nature Park
Waterhouse Park
Salix Park
Cedar Mill Park
Jordan Park
Foothills Park
Commonwealth Lake Park
Little Flowers (photo collage)
The Tualatin River Paddling Trail, by Paul Whitney and Brian Wegener)

VIEWING AREA 5: Beaverton's Johnson Creek
Summercrest Park
Beacon Hill Wetlands Park
Vale Park
Lowami Hart Woods Park
Brookhaven Park
Lilly K. Johnson Park
Insects Along the Tualatin River, by Greg Baker

VIEWING AREA 6: Butternut Creek
Farmington Center Wetland
Butternut Park
Meadowbrook Park
Colorful Residents (photo collage)
Is That a Beaver?
Butternut Elementary School Park
Hazeldale & Rosa Parks

VIEWING AREA 7: Upper Fanno Creek
Woods Memorial Park
Gabriel Park
Raleighwood Park
Oregon Episcopal School Wetlands
Vista Brook Park
Beaverton's Greenway & Fanno Creek Parks
Creekside Marsh

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