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"A concise, accurate, thorough and downright beautiful guide to an area that is underappreciated by those who haven't taken the time to look around them. This little book is so well written, so well organized, so well illustrated, that readers can learn to love the beauty and value of the Tualatin just by reading the book. So think of the adventures each of its sections can take you on! Buy this amazing book and let it spark a summer of outdoor discoveries."

—Dan Hays, Statesman Journal

"Exploring the Tualatin River Basin is an excellent way to discover the wildlife and natural diversity in our very own backyards. My congratulations to Tualatin Riverkeepers for this wonderful resource."

—Senator Mark Hatfield

"It is apparent that the residents of the Tualatin Valley treasure their wildlife and have set aside many areas for its health and diversity. This guide invites the reader to visit and enjoy these special places, giving concise directions to access points and providing a glimpse at what makes each spot so special."

—Harry Nehls, author of Familiar Birds of the Northwest
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