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Part One: New Voices
Ted Leeson, "The Farthest Distance Between Two Points"
Robin Carey, "Building With Bones"
Jessica Maxwell, "River Deep, Mountain High"
Frank Soos, "Obituary With Bamboo Fly Rod"
Lorian Hemingway, "Walk On Water For Me"
David James Duncan, "Where I Lived And What I Lived For"
Marjorie Sandor, "The Novitiate's Tale"
Mallory Burton, "The Emerger"
Kathleen Dean Moore, "The Deschutes River"
Peter Patricelli, "The Lesson"
Michael Baughman, "Skunked"
Don Berry, "How To Dress A Nymph"
Dave Hughes, "Lost Lakes"

Part Two: Northwest Tradition
Rudyard Kipling, "Salmon On The Clackamas"
Zane Grey, "Deer Creek, Washington--1918"
Ben Hur Lampman, "Almost Time For Trout"
Roderick Haig-Brown, "Fall Defined"
H.L. Davis, "Fishing Fever"
Enos Bradner, "Mountain Lake Fishing"
Ken Kesey, "Salmon Party"
Norman Maclean, "Fishing With Paul"
Steve Raymond, "The End of the Year"


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