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Table of Contents

Letter from Principal


Sentimental Crap

Mind Movies


Bottle Caps & Life in General

Very First Memories


Captain William Tichenor

My Folks

Was Rico an Agent of Darkness?

Critical Observation

Descriptions of People

You Want to Hear More About Eve Doyle


Ways to get Memories That Last

Order in the Universe

Charms, Magic, In Cahoots With God

Garrison Lake–Swimming

Frank Tichenor's (Actually His Daughter Margaret's) Birth Announcement Sent Worldwide

Some Startling Things


Forest Fire

History Assignment

Tonsils and adenoids

Battle Rock

Think Chrome

Car Ghosts and Other Problems

Pyro–My Grandfather, Frank

Blabbermouth–The Kindergarten Kid

The Writer

Real Home

Frank and Indians

The Kid Who Couldn't Read or Write

1937 & 1938

The Fine Art of Managing Your Expletives

Mysteries (Not to be Discussed)

Ed Rowland

Introduction to Luck

The Goose Feast

Fool's Hill

People On the Point of Land Extending Far Into the Ocean

Running With Winnie


Old Home Week

Tannenbaum Express

Along Came 1939

Farm Devils

What Do You Want to Be?

Ted (Which, Coincidentally, Rhymes With Dead

Hating Paprika

Town Bully–Metal Boat

1940–A Turning Point

Insect Lore and Old Wives' Bullshit

Moran, Moran–The Mystery Man

Some Fish For Planting

Fossil Words

Debacle #1–The Beachball

The Jesus Place


King of the Mountain


Lovey Laureen

Questions From Old Lady Beck–Answers from Moran

The Con Men–And Then There Was Mr. Parker

Teeth and History

Barnie Winslow's Christmas

The New Mrs. Grant

"Turd" McCormick: Wagonmaster

4ths of July

Happy Days Are Here Again: Played Live

Debacle #2-The Rifle


The Flag & the Rose

The very Near Passing of the Prum-Jay

Lou Monescu–Love, Grease and the Enemy Plane

The Survivors of the Jap-Sunk Tanker

Attack Dogs

The Games

The Invasion

Short Memories

The Amazing Cartoon Gun

Going Back East

1943 and the End of the World

The "B" Effect

Final Thoughts of Fears




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