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“This may be the single best general-reader introduction to the startling discoveries and developments of recent decades that have come to be called the New Forestry. Luoma is great on the rich, dense, slow, huge, networked processes that make up a robust, fully-functioning, old forest. In particular, he shows how essential death and decay is for continued forest health and how much bearing that has on forest management. Read this to learn how truly social trees are and how complex a forest “superorganism” can be.” —Richard Powers, author of The Overstory

“An inspiring, informative account of the complexity of an undisturbed forest.” —Audubon magazine

“Like John McPhee, Luoma writes a clear reportorial prose, affable and supple enough to accommodate his range of facts, quotes, and ideas. And, like McPhee, he explains natural science’s recent discoveries by telling the stories of the discoverers. The result is an engaging yet serious outline of what we know about forests. And what experts are still finding out.” —Publishers Weekly

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