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An Identification Guide to the Larval Marine Invertebrates of the Pacific Northwest

Alan L. Shanks

7 × 10 inches. Illustrations. Keys. Bibliography. Index. 320 pages.

2002. ISBN 978-0-87071-531-0. Hardcover, $49.95.

The study of larval invertebrates is a vital and growing field in contemporary marine science. The key ecological role of larvae in determining adult population sizes has been recognized for decades and has inspired extensive research. This volume, the first of its kind, is an identification guide to the planktonic larvae of shallow subtidal and intertidal invertebrates common to the Pacific Northwest coast.

Each chapter provides a brief background to the larval biology of an invertebrate group; keys, line drawings, and descriptions for the identification of larvae; a list of the species present in the Pacific Northwest; and a reference section. The geographic range covered is roughly from southeast Alaska to northern California; however many of the species are found along the entire coast of California, as far south as Baja California.

An essential reference for anyone attempting to identify larval invertebrates from zooplankton samples, this working manual is intended for students as well as scientists and researchers. It offers an important new resource for marine biologists, biological oceanographers, marine and intertidal ecologists, and especially larval biologists.

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