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"Michael Mix's Leaded very clearly shows us how it once was to live in a land where the rights of businesses to take from the land surmounted the rights of the people to live in safety and health upon it, and from it we should take heed lest it someday be visited upon us again."

John E. Riutta, The Well-Read Naturalist

"Leaded is a welcome addition to the mining scholarship of the American West inspired by the author's family history...The force of Leaded's relentless probe of the environmental impact of Bunker Hill activities...complements Aiken's company history and Julie Whitesel Weston's 2009 memoir...vividly portray[ing] not only changing mining and processing practices and their environmental legacy but also the people who call the Silver Valley home."

-Susan Vatter, Mining History Journal


"In intricate detail, Mix documents a toxic history that helped put standards in place today to ensure history doesn't repeat itself."

Jennifer K. Bauer


"Leaded is a good book with many strengths...It is well researched, making effective use of legal documents among other unpublished sources...Leaded offers a good illustration of the changing legal, regulatory, and intergovernmental framework of pollution control in the twentieth century, as well as fascinating discussions about the complicated relationships between labor, community, scientists, and business."

- Lief Fredrickson, Environmental History

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