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"Learning to Like Muktuk is the extraordinary story of a strong, adventurous woman ... Easton can be counted as a pioneer researcher in Native Alaskan foods, and has mentored younger researchers through her firsthand experiences."

Sandy Atkins, The Hardwick Gazette

"Learning to Like Muktuk is a valuable resource for those interested in Alaska and its indigenous foods. Perhaps the greatest compliment I can pay this book is that I, a person born and raised in Alaska, learned more about the history and cultural dynamics of my state from Learning to Like Muktuk than I did in any classroom."

-- Alex Parrish, Pacific Northwest Quarterly

"Although the author sticks to her topic of nutrition and foods, on one level her experiences are another Alaskan adventure story and can be enjoyed as such. This book is a worthwhile addition to an Alaska library for it brings information about a period in our history that is not as well known as other times."

-- Nancy L. Eliason, Alaska History

"Those hungry for more can find a smorgasbord of travel adventures, dietary tips and eye-opening accounts of starvation and redemption in the 190-page Learning to Like Muktuk. Peppered with photographs, dietary guidelines, and even recipes for Alaska frybread and "research hospitality coffee cake," it's a tome that's as topical as ever in today's farm-to-table, GMO-obsessed culture, where pockets of Americans are still hungry as ever."

-- Sarah Tuff Dunn, Vermont Quarterly

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