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The Oregon Weather Book

A State of Extremes

George H. Taylor and Raymond Hatton

7 × 10 inches. Illustrations. Maps. Glossary of weather terms. Index. 288 pages.

1999. ISBN 978-0-87071-467-2. Paperback, $19.95.

Oregonians are nuts for weather. They're hungry for weather news, anecdotes, statistics, trivia, and, of course, forecasts. The Oregon Weather Book will whet Oregonians' insatiable appetite.

A comprehensive and fact-filled resource for anyone who watches, studies, enjoys, or simply endures Oregon weather, this book offers a history of significant weather events and a guide to the forces that create and govern our weather. The authors consider perceptions (and misperceptions) about Oregon weather by residents and outsiders, including the origins of the term, "webfoot."

An invaluable reference, The Oregon Weather Book is intended for all Oregonians, from die-hard weather watchers and professionals to those who look to the skies to make recreation, travel or business plans. Tips on interpreting atmospheric conditions will allow amateur forecasters to analyze and predict weather with greater accuracy.

Also available The Climate of Oregon: From Rain Forest to Desert the companion volume to The Oregon Weather Book.

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