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"As I have read to better understand the roles of specific religious activists, both of liberal and conservative bent, I found the book to be fair and without overstatement concerning their achievements. And, Professor Soden does not attempt to enter the turbulent realm of internal politics of those churches where little effort is made in the direction of public activism." 

Larry Hasse, retired, Oakwood University, Huntsville, Alabama, and summer adjunct professor, Whitworth University


"Soden easily accomplishes his goal of demonstrating the influential role of religious activists in the Northwest and introduces dozens of generally unknown but fascinating individuals."

Anne M. Blankenship, Oregon Historical Quarterly


"Outsiders in a Promised Land is a thoroughly researched and comprehensive treatment of the power of religion in Pacific Northwest life. It can be a sobering reminder that society is often comfortable with injustice, and indeed will prefer to perpetuate injustice rather than change."

Susan Storer-Clark, Real Change

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