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Race and Science

Scientific Challenges to Racism in Modern America

Paul Farber and Hamilton Cravens

6 × 9 inches. Map. Notes. Index. 256 pages.

2009. ISBN 978-0-87071-576-1. Paperback, $24.95.

During the course of American history, scientific theories have been used to legitimate racial ideas that in turn have been important in creating and interpreting the law. Race and Science collects essays from leading voices in law, history, history of science, botany, and the social sciences, resulting in a rich and comprehensive multidisciplinary exploration of the roots of and the scientific challenges to racial essentialism.

The notion that someone’s racial identity and characteristics define everything of importance about them has become deeply embedded in American culture, society, and science. These essays illuminate the roots of this belief and present case studies that explore how and why natural and social scientists have challenged these racist views.

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