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Introduction and Acknowledgments

1. Clearing the Ground To the Oregon Emigrants of 1846
Fanny Adams Cooper, West by Train
James Stevens, The Old Warhorse
Orland E. Esval, Member of the Crew
Dennis "Dinny" Murphy, I Found My Likings in the Mines
Clyde Rice, from Nordi's Gift
Sam Churchill, from Big Sam
Woody Guthrie, Big Grand Coolee Dam
Pat Koehler, Reminiscence on the Women Shipbuilders of World War II
Willie Daniels, from Working on the Bomb
Ken Kesey, from Sometimes a Great Notion
Clemens Starck, Putting in Footings
Kate Braid, Girl on the Crew
Kim Barnes, from In the Wilderness: Coming of Age in an Unknown Country

2. The Industrial Frontier Charles Oluf Olsen, Zero Hour in the Factory
Hazel Hall, Instruction
Francis Seufert, Chinese
H.L. Davis, Steel Gang
Joseph B. Halm, Recollection of the Fires of 1910
The Seattle General Strike of 1919
Charles Vindex, Survival on the High Plains, 1929-1934
Oregon Labor Press, If America Should Go Red?
Ralph Winstead, Johnson the Gypo
Joe Hill, The Preacher and the Slave
Anise, Centralia Pictures
Howard Morgan, Recollection of Tom Burns of Burnside
Hamish Scott MacKay, from My Experiences in the United States
Gary Snyder, The Late Snow and the Lumber Strike of the Summer of Fifty-Four
Robert Wrigley, The Sinking of Clay City
Tess Gallagher, Black Money
Henry Carlile, Graveyard Shift
Joseph Millar, Tax Man
Jesus Maria "El Flaco" Maldonado, Memorias de Cesar Chavez

3. Working Ahead Ernest Callenbach, from Ecotopia
Douglas Coupland, from Generation X
David Axelrod, Skill of the Heart
Craig Lesley, from River Song
Sherman Alexie, from Indian Killer
Kent Anderson, from Night Dogs
Jim Bodeen, Replenishing the Neighborhood
John Rember, from Cheerleaders from Gomorrah
Eileen Gunn, Stable Strategies for Middle Management
Ursula K. Le Guin, from The New Atlantis

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