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State of Giving is an inspiring, essential, and accessible history of the unique community spirit that makes Oregon the special place we call home. It sounds a timely call to action that clearly and effectively shows each of us as Oregonians the philanthropic legacy we inherit and how we can all build upon that legacy in every corner of our state.” -- U.S. Senator Ron Wyden

State of Giving is a celebration of Oregon civic engagement. It is inspiring and mobilizing. As a survey of our state’s most tenacious challenges, it is sobering; and as a chronicle of Oregonians from every background and walk of life, it is invaluable. Oregonians care. They give dollars, time, and heart to building healthy, safe, and vibrant communities. This book tells that story.” --Barbara Roberts, former Oregon Governor and author of Up the Capitol Steps: A Woman’s March to the Governorship

State of Giving is a catalyst of compassion and connection, of discussion, of action. A ground-breaking contribution to Oregon’s cultural, political, and civic discourse, it should be in every classroom, in every boardroom, and on every nightstand in the state.” --Neal Keny-Guyer, CEO of Mercy Corps

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