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"Written in a near-stream-of-consciousness style that mirrors the rhythm of a conversation peppered with good storytelling, Lori Tobias’s ‘Storm Beat’ takes the reader on a rapid fire journey into the dark underbelly of the beautiful, fog wreathed coast of Oregon, where horrors, heroes, and disasters form the mosaic of a reporter’s life. It’s a page turner and a great read." —Lynn Schooler, author of Walking Home

“Lori Tobias writes like an athlete, full-on strength and savvy, eyes on the prize every time. She’s part of the last generation of journalists who spent more time on foot than on the computer; she smelled story and went for it, as independent as a cowboy or a long-distance runner. Her story in Storm Beat is the coast of Oregon, where storms come and murderers hide and ships sink—and where good things happen along one of the most beautiful stretches of coast in the country. Mostly, for decades, you wouldn’t have known, if not for Lori Tobias.”
—Sandra Scofield, author of Mysteries of Love & Grief, The Last Draft, and Occasions of Sin


“Lori Tobias is a journalist with compassion and strength, and a deep need to find the truth. Her reporting is a gift to the many small communities that dot the Oregon Coast, and Storm Beat is the bow that wraps them up.”
—Theresa Wisner, author of Daughter of Neptune 

"Lori Tobias has given us the rare gift of opening up her reporter’s notebooks, and with wit, intimacy, and compassion, shows us what it’s like to be a part of the the wild, raw and beautiful work of bearing witness." —Inara Verzemnieks, author of Among the Living and the Dead

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