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General Introduction Editors' Preface

Introducing Oregon Diaries: A Dialogue by Shannon Applegate

Introducing Oregon Letters by Terence O'Donnell

1788 Robert Haswell, "The Death of Marcus Lopius at Tillamook Bay"
1805 William Clark "American Explorers Meet the Chinook Nation"
1826 David Douglas, "Seeking Magnificence: A Botanist Finds a Douglas County Pine"
1844 Peter Burnett, "Crossing the Plains: Letters from a Tualatin Pioneer"
1846 Tallmadge B. Wood (aka Word), "A Hunter's Life Is a Dog's Life: A Fur Trapper's Letter"
1847 Elizabeth Dixon Smith, "Protest, Fire, and Hyperbole on the Oregon Trail"
1851 Elizabeth Wood, "A Young Woman's Trip to Oregon"
1853 Anonymous Soldier, "A Rebuke for Racists, Settlers, Bureaucrats, Mercenaries, and Thieves"
1854 Calvin B. West, "Oregon Is a Wicked Paradise, Washington a Children's Heaven: A Missionary's Letter"
1858 Nancy Judson, "I Cannot Live with Mr. Judson: A Willamette Valley Wife Petitions the Legislature for Divorce"
1858 Henry Cummins, "Perfecting the Self in Eugene, Then Going East Forever"
1860 Eugene Skinner, "Oregon Is Not Wealth, but Contentment and a Conscience Clear of Offense"
1860 Preston W. Gillette, "At Home and Almost Alone for Ten Years: An Astoria Bachelor's Diary"
1861 Harriette Applegate and Gertrude Applegate, "Yankee and Pacifist: Two Cousins Argue the Civil War from Yoncalla"
1864 Royal Augustus Bensell, "Rowing After Indians Is Not a Real Soldier's Duty: A Union Corporal's Diary from Fort Yamhill"
1864 Rachel Colver, "My Brightest Flowers Have Faded: A Grandmother's Letter to Her Granddaughter So Far from Home"
1868 Ellen Hemenway Humphrey, "Work for the Night Is Coming: A Lane County Farm Wife's Diary"
1871 Matthew P. Deady, "The Place Was Crammed with the Elite: The Diary of a Federal Judge in Portland"
1873 Harry De Witt Moore, "It Is Impossible to Catch Them: A Lieutenant's Letter from the Lava Beds"
1873 Oliver Cromwell Applegate, "Eight Greedy Men Lived around Dick Johnson's Farm: A Letter to Expose Racist Criminals"
1876 Cynthia Horning, "Advice to a Lake County Girl from Her Best Friend in Corvallis"
1890 Polly Hewitt McArthur, "Letter to a Doll"
1894 Emily B. Trevett, "George Eliot's Life Has Made Me Ashamed: A Portland Socialite's Quest for Knowledge, Reverence, Control"
1895 Rufus B. Matthews and Grace Smith Matthews, "The Roseburg Gambler Who Wrote His Mama Everything--Almost--and Invented His Own Spelling"
1907 Charles Marshall, "Gold Miners in a Siskiyou Mountain Winter"
1909 Amanda Smith Donaldson, "A Mother Creates a Memorial Fund after Her Boy Dies in a Hunting Accident"
1910 Florence Hofer, "Pebbles Picked Up on the Beach at Newport"
1914 Abigail Scott Duniway, "Doing Double Duty: A Suffragist's Self-Portrait"
1914 Haralambos Kambouris, "Railroading in Oregon: A Greek Poet's Diary"
1916 Elizabeth Trimberger, "A Teacher's Life at Crooked Finger School"
1917 Linus Carl Pauling, "Oregon's Two-Time Nobel Prize Winner Prepares for College,"
1918 Charles Linza McNary, "After the Campaign, a Senator Thanks His Lion"
1920 Opal Whiteley, "The Many Things That Opal Sees When She Is Sent Straight for the Milk: Chapter from a Controversial Best Seller"
1931 John Casteel, "Where There Is No Vision, the People Perish: A Professor's Diary from the Willamette Valley"
1933 Ernest Haycox, "Pulp Hack or Enduring Artist? A Western Novelist in Conflict with Himself"
1934 Fred Brenne, "A Fast Hard-Talking Progressive in Coos Bay--a Slow and Easy Town"
1937 A.J. Tittinger, "Seasick All Day: A Federal Landlubber Reports His Short Unhappy Voyage to Tillamook Rock"
1942 Lee Owen Stone, "Make No Peace with Oppression: A Priest Calls for Union Reform in Portland during World War II"
1944 Adrian Wilson, "All War Stinks to High Heaven: A C.O.'s Diary from World War II"
1948 Vance DeBar Colvig, "Bozo the Clown: A Jacksonville Boy Never Forgets His Friends"
1951 William Nunn, "Building Our Summer Place above Eagle Creek"
1965 Shizue Iwatsuki, "How Many Nights Did I Cry: An Issei Settler Remembers Her Early Life in Hood River"
1970 Kenneth Reber, "It's Great Here Except I'm Lonely, Homesick, and Going Crazy: Letters from an Army Private in Vietnam"
1981 Miriam Murphy, "A Marylhurst Nun's Diary, or Exploring the Sacred Mainland Within"
1985 William L. Sullivan, "Not Likely to Cut Corners: One Day in a Solo Walk across Oregon"
1839 Thomas Farnham, "Observing Instead of Disturbing: A Peaceful Meeting in the Blue Mountains"
1853 William Chinook, Robert Hull, and Joel Palmer, "Selling What You Don't Own: An Early Federal Fiasco with No Fast Fix"
1863 George Irving Hazeltine, "A New Husband--Alone in John Day--Learns How Not to Make His Bread"
1866 Julia Gilliss, "To Think We Are So Far Away: An Army Bride in Eastern Oregon"
1870 Orson A. Stearns, "A Lonely Bachelor in His Log Castle in Paradise"
1871 Eunice Robbins and Kate Robbins, "Anxiety and Astonishment: A Mother and Daughter Report on the Ochocos"
1873 Jesse Applegate, "Should a Woman Become a Doctor? A Man of Destiny Responds"
1875 Eli S. Glover, "The Wreck of the Yakima, a Steamboat, at John Day Rapids"
1876 James M. Sutton, "Walking on Toads at Linkville: An Editor Meets Klamath Marsh"
1878 Charles Erskine Scott Wood, "A Soldier and Poet in the Last Oregon Indian War"
1878 Sarah Jane Findley, "Diphtheria Has Taken Nearly All My Children: A Wallowa Mother's Lament--With a Scapegoat"
1881 Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins, "Paiute Refugees from the Malheur Need a Bit of Land: Another Letter Never Answered by Washington D.C."
1883 Grace McCrary, "A Baker City Orphan Girl Endures the Worst--With Help from a Chinese, Sisters, Teachers, Neighbors, Friends"
1884 Julia Wilson, "I Ran for the Hills: A Girl Escapes the Mitchell Flash Flood in 1884"
1890 John Waldo, "Save the Cascade Mountain Reserve"
1890s Kam Wah Chung letters, "The Invisible Men of Gold Mountain: Four Chinese Voices"
18?? Anonymous Miner
1904 Tong Yick Chuen Co.
1905 Lao Chi-Kwang
18?? Kwang-chi
1894 Henry Kreiser Miller, "Running a Tighter Ranch in Hard Times: A Boss's Letter to His Manager in Harney County"
1895 Charles C. Lewis, "The Mazamas Ascend Mt. Jefferson: A Polk County Adventure in Equality"
1899 Loye Miller, "A Naturalist on Bridge Creek Digs All Day, Then Dreams"
1900 Cornelia Bernard Knox Watson, "The Photographer Who Saw Lakeview Burn Makes Her New Year's Resolution"
1910 Anna Steinhoff, "Sage, Jackrabbits, Infant Death: The Last Settlers on a High Desert Homestead"
1912 Alice Day Pratt, "This Quiet and Harmonious State Is All in Turmoil: A Teacher's Diary"
1914 Essie McGuire, "Best Bronco and Best Rider: A Redmond Potato Show Story"
1918 Claudia Spink Lorenz, "Klamath Falls Celebrates the End of War--Early"
1921 John Robert Keyes, "A Boy in Bend--Fatherless and Thirteen--Needs to Write"
1921 William E. Lees, "Letter from Ontario to a Yankee Who Bought 40 Acres of Hades"
1922 L.H. Vincent, "Commonplace Things Are Important: A Doctor's Lost Diary from Sisters"
1922 Mary McKinley, "Rough and Rocky as Far as I Can See: A Diary from a Wasco County Ranch"
1930 Daniel Mote, "Detailed to the Point of Wearisomeness: A Joseph Eccentric's Diary"
1935 Ella Higginson, "The River Has Glimmered through My Whole Life: A Writer Remembers Her Grande Ronde Valley Childhood"
1935 Dave Stirewalt, "The News from Sourdough Ridge: A Spray Cowboy Writes His Friends"
1937 Felix Urizar, "The Closing of the Range: Angry Basque Sheepmen Leave the High Desert"
1940 Giles French, "Rambling Around inside My Head: A Moro Father's Letters to His Daughter"
1951 Earl Russell Bush, "The Naked Truth about the Mysterious Lady of the Woods"
1962 Brooks Hawley, "Doubting the Coming of Dam Civilization: Christmas Letters from a Baker County Ranch"
1970 John Scharff, "Just the Same as White People: African Americans East of the Cascades"
1974 Cindy Donnelly Fairchild, "Trying Hard Not to Become Extremely Religious: A Fire Lookout Diary from the Blue Mountains"
1975 Jane Bachman Tippett, "Packing in the Dudes: A Wallowa County Hunting Camp Letter"
1986 Jack Ward Thomas, "Whispers in the Night: Reflections of a Wildlife Biologist"


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