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"By bringing together oral histories, photographs, and a play by Eugene O'Neill about Vose, Wadland crafts a history that creatively exposes the problems Home faced in the second decade of the 20th century. In a captivating historical narrative, Wadland weaves together a wealth of archival material and a provacative first-person reflection on the author's contemporary research. . . . Trying Home represents a fresh view of Home and an engaging contribution to public scholarship."

-- Jonathan Bowdler, Pacific Northwest Quarterly

"Those interested in the history of utopian communities, anarchism, or the Pacific Northwest will find a fascinating and enlightening read, but the addition of Wadland’s own journey will make this book appealing to a general audience as well. Seeing how the ideas and events that shaped Home also impacted Wadland proves that there is more to learning about history than mere dates and facts."

-- Christine Canfield, Foreword Reviews https://www.forewordreviews.com/reviews/trying-home/

"Trying Home . . . is a useful and insightful illustration of the anarchist movement and life in the southern Puget Sound in the early twentieth century -- well written, and well researched. Broader or parallel studies of international communities in the Pacific Northwest should include it."

-- Mattias Olshausen, Oregon Historical Quarterly, Volume 116, Number 2

"Wadland has done an admirable job of making the history of Home readable and accessible to both popular and scholarly audiences."

-- Benjamin J. Pauli, Anarchist Studies, 23.1

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