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Chapter 1: Early Hudson's Bay Company Encounters, 1826-28

Chapter 2: Along the Southern Route, 1829-49

Chapter 3: First Negotiations and Peacemaking, 1850-52

Chapter 4: War, Peace, and White Settlement, 1853-54

Chapter 5: Uncertain Peace, 1853-55

Chapter 6: The Rogue River War, 1855-56

Chapter 7: Removal and Resistance, 1856-1860s



  1. Estimates of Indian Populations and Mortality
  2. Statistical Tables
    • Hostile Rogue River Indian Bands
    • Indians Killed by Whites in Southern Oregon
    • Whites Killed by Indians in Southern Oregon
    • Indian Fatalities
    • Census of the To-To-Tin Indians
    • Selected Reservation Populations from Southern Oregon
    • Comparison of Censuses for Selected Bands


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