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Listening: Introduction to the New Edition
   William Kittredge

   Ron Strickland

An Indian Woman Scorns a Chief
   Isabelle Arcasa

   Dave Beck

Chief of the Tarheels
   Frank "Bow Hill" Bob

4-H Horse Lover
   Laura Borders

Captain, "Lady of the Lake"
   Earl Bryant

Building with Logs
   South Burn

Legendary Boy Scouts Leader
   Ome Daiber

"We Lived by the Tides"
   Etta Leightheart Egeland

Civic Leader
   Jim Ellis

Log Roller
   Diane Ellison

   Belle Garland

Bush Pilot
   Ernie Gibson

Bagging Bucks & Bucking Cords
   Konrad Hartbauer

Hobo Railroader
   Monte Holm

The Education of a Fighter
   Bill Hottell

The View from a Stump Ranch
   Walter Jackson

Customs Border Patrol
   Harold "Ole" Johnson

"Back There Sucking the Hind Tit"
   Dwelley Jones

Willapa Harbor Huck Finn
   Joe Krupa

Logger Poet
   Judge John Langenbach

Small Ranchers, Working Out
   Dave & Marge Leslie

Coal Miner
   Ed Marroy

"We Ask Grandfather to Clean Our Minds
   Ed "Dutch" Monaghan

Olympic Mountains Outfitter
   Minnie Peterson

1962 World's Fair Indian Village Hostess
   Helen Peterson

Fourteen-year-old Runaway
   Gordon "The Horse Heaven Kid" Poston

College Graduate
   Ellen Rainey

Nightriders versus Claimjumpers
   Neva Howard Roberts

Horse Packer
   Babe Russell

   Roy "Punk" Shetler

Romanian Immigrant to the Inland Empire
   Dr. Israel Soss

Boeing Assembly Line Worker
   Adeline "Tiny" Stefano Struble

Geoduck Hunter
   Bill Sullivan

   Dennis Sullivan

Icelandic Waterman
   Laugi Thorstenson

From Internment Camp to Camping Out
   George Uchida

Cascara Brak Peeler
   Everett Whealdon

Bear Dancer & Steam Locomotive Fireman
   Adulph "Big Dobby" Wiegardt

   Hod Wood

Fluming Logs to the Columbia River
   Phoebe Yeo


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