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“With his book about our Wild and Scenic Rivers, Tim Palmer has made a great contribution to America. Having been directly involved in this program, I’m grateful that the legacy of all who have worked to protect these rivers will be known and appreciated.” —former President Jimmy Carter

“Tim Palmer has created a glorious book of photos, but Wild and Scenic Rivers is far more than that. Read it from cover to cover! All who shoulder responsibility for administering our wild and scenic rivers will find this narrative not just useful and entertaining, but also essential to what we do.” —Chris Brown, Director, Wilderness and Wild and Scenic Rivers, US Forest Service, retired

“There is magic in rivers and in the camera and pen of Tim Palmer. Read this book to understand how and why moving water has become a key component of our environmental ethic.” —Dr. Roderick Frazier Nash, Professor Emeritus, University of California Santa Barbara and author of Wilderness and the American Mind

“Through a lifetime of passionate connection with the allure of moving water, Tim Palmer has achieved a rare and fluid eloquence in his words as well as his images.” —Kevin Fedarko, author of The Emerald Mile

“Tim Palmer’s enchanting photographs and engaging storytelling remind me why saving free-flowing rivers from harm is essential. Read Tim’s book to be inspired!” —Rebecca Wodder, former President and CEO, American Rivers

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