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Winter Twigs

A Wintertime Key to Deciduous Trees and Shrubs of Northwestern Oregon and Western Washington

Revised Edition

Helen M. Gilkey and Patricia L. Packard

6 × 9 inches. Line Drawings. Glossary. 128 pages.

2001. ISBN 978-0-87071-530-3. Paperback, $19.95.

Winter Twigs has long been respected and widely used as a unique guide for wintertime identification of the deciduous plants of northwestern Oregon and western Washington (many of the species covered are also found in British Columbia and Alaska). The first edition of this book has been used by thousands of botany students and other interested individuals to identify plants during the months that they lack the leaves and flowers that most field guides rely on.

Intended for use by teachers, students, scientists, amateur botanists, and outdoor enthusiasts, Winter Twigs brings together in one convenient volume the information necessary to identify all of the native deciduous woody plants likely to be encountered in the region, as well as many of the more common escaped cultivated species, Also included are certain species which are normally evergreen but may be deciduous during severe winters.

Covered are 82 species representing 35 genera of 17 plant families likely to be found between the Cascade mountains and Pacific Coast in Washington and Oregon as far south as the Umpqua divide, and keys to all species that can be readily identified by winter characteristics. The glossary of botanical terms and more than 100 line drawings that highlight the identifying features of various plants will be especially valuable to students and beginners.

To make this new edition as accurate and up-to-date as possible, the nomenclature for 22 species has been updated to conform to the latest scientific literature, with contributions by the Oregon Vascular Plant Checklist Project.

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