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First Stage (1877-1901)
Among the Thlinkits in Alaska
An Indian Horse-Race
Chief Joseph, the Nez-Percé
Man's Battle with the Titans Is Begun
A Book of Tales
     How Yehl Escaped from the Fire Demon and Brought Fire to the Thlinkits
     The Love of Red Bear and Feather Cloud
     How the Coyote Stole Fire for the Klamaths
     How the Spirit Coyote Passed from Earth

Second Stage (1899-1911)
Pacific Monthly
     Anarchy and Anarchists
     Divorce and Divorce Again
     Woman Sufferage
     Direct Primary
     Why Strikes
     The Anarchist Creed
     Henry George and Single Tax
A Masque of Love
The Short Stories
     The Toast
     The Deserted Cabin
The Christmas Burder
Portland's Feast of Roses
The Exhibition of Paintings of Eastern Oregon by Childe Hassam
The Chant of El Dorado
Sonnet X from "Desert Sonnets"
Friend, Let this Be My Voice to Thee
On the Making of Books
The Deserter

Third Stage (1912-1920)
Thanksgiving at the House of Ayer
The Poetry
     Once More I Lie upon the Grassy Spot
     How Christ Spent His Christmas
Three editions of The Poet in the Desert
     Man Declares
     Behold the Silver-kirtled Dawn
     I See My White-faced Sisters
     This is the Pedigree of Degradation
     I Have Lived with My Brown Brothers
     Just over there where you Purple Peak
     Broad as the Front of the Sea
     When August Noons are Hot
     Thrice-blessed are We, My Lover with Grey Eyes
     Winter, Big, Brawny Wrestler of the Year
     From Freedom Comes our Growth and all our Good
     Put up your Lips, O Sun-Parched Earth, and Drink
Free Speech and the Constitution in the War

Fourth Stage (1920-1944)
The Testament of Charles Erskine Scott Wood
Heavenly Discourse
     Billy Sunday Meets God
     "T.R." Enters Heaven
     Denver Prays for Rain
     Circe, A Drama with a Prologue
     Odysseus: A Play in One Act
Poems from the Ranges
     First Snow
     Billy Craddock in Rome
     Blitzen Oasis after Rain
     The Cattle Camp--Night
The Sun Returns from His South-Wandering
Earthly Discourse
     Sins of the Fathers
Sonnets to Sappho
     Have You Forgot the Wintry Nights
Collected Poems of Charles Erskine Scott Wood
     Vagabonds' Song
     Antonio Ploughs
     Thick-necked Horses
     A Thought
     Sun Worshiper
     What Shall I Say of You?
     A Day in April
If Any Would for Me Build a True Bier

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Selected Bibliography of Works Related to C.E.S. Wood

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