Gail E. Wells

Gail Wells is the author of The Tillamook: A Created Forest Comes of Age and co-author of Lewis and Clark Meet Oregon’s Forests. She worked for Oregon State University’s College of Forestry for 13 years as editor, writer, and finally director of Forestry Communications. Since 2002, she has been a freelance writer and editor specializing in history and natural resources. She lives in Corvallis, Oregon.

Books by this Author

The Only Woman in the Room

Norma Petersen Paulus grew up in Depression-era poverty in Eastern Oregon. She survived a bout with polio in her teens, taught herself to be a...

| paperback | $24.95

Forest and Stream Management in the Oregon Coast Range

The Oregon Coast Range is an area that contains a diversity of plant and animal life and a wealth of natural resources. However, faced with...

| hardcover | $39.95

The Tillamook

Debates over the fate of ancient forests have been commonplace in the Pacific West for decades. The Tillamook takes up the question of younger forests...

| paperback | $19.95

The Little Lucky

"When you live in an old house, the remodeling and rehabilitating never end. I guess the same is true when you belong to a family."...

| paperback | $17.95

Lewis and Clark Meet Oregon's Forests

As Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery steered their canoes down the tumultuous narrows and rapids of the lower Columbia River, they were propelled out...

| paperback | $14.95

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