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An Annotated Bibliography of Oregon Bird Literature Published Before 1935

George A. Jobanek

6 × 9 inches. Illustrations. Maps. 496 pages.

1997. ISBN 978-0-87071-396-5. Hardcover, $45.00.

George Jobanek's exhaustive, richly annotated bibliography fills an important gap in Oregon bird literature and offers a valuable new resource for professional and informed amateur ornithologists, wildlife managers, biologists, ecologists, and anyone with a serious interest in the natural history of the Pacific Northwest.

In compiling this unique book, George Jobanek carefully researched early ornithological, scientific, and natural history publications, from American Field to Zoe, for records of Oregon birds. Most of these early articles are today relatively rare; many were overlooked or ignored by previous bibliographers. In his annotations for each of the nearly two thousand entries, Jobanek conveys the salient points of each article and reveals its usefulness for contemporary readers. Direct quotations from the references allow for a glimpse of an earlier, golden age in ornithology.

References are organized by author and cross-indexed by species (e.g., 86 entries for Sage Grouse), county (e.g., 220 entries for Klamath County), and key word (e.g., "behavior," "conservation," "distribution," "introduction," "migration," "nesting," "taxonomy"). A gazetteer identifies localities mentioned in the annotations.

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